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Posted by Holly Ellison on

Some of you may be wondering: where did the name Miss Nouvelle come from, and what does it mean?

Well, it all started back when I decided to launch my own line. I wanted something that would feel at home in my favorite decades, the 40s and 50s, but also would resonate with today. It needed to embody my passions for fashion, vintage, femininity, and kitsch, all the while without limiting my creative freedom.

One day, after attending an exhibit on Art Nouveau with my dear friend Elaine, I commented to my husband how much I enjoy that style of art. This led to me thinking of naming my line Miss Nouveau (“nouveau” meaning “new” in English). Since Nouveau is the masculine form of the word, we changed the masculine adjective to the feminine form “nouvelle” and thus, Miss Nouvelle was born!

I feel the name perfectly captures the old-world aesthetic I wanted to convey, while still remaining fresh and *new* (pun intended). I hope you think so too!

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